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 Malaysian Scouting (Asia)

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PostSubject: Malaysian Scouting (Asia)   Thu 04 Sep 2008, 10:09

Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia (The Scout Association of Malaysia, PPM) is an organisation for boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 17, based in Malaysia. Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia is part of the global Scouting movement and national member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). It is the only uniformed body in Malaysia to have been established and officially regulated by an act of parliament through the Scouts Association Of Malaysia (Incorporation) Act 1968.


Scouting was first introduced in Singapore in 1908, but was officially founded on July 2, 1910, when young Scoutmaster Frank Cooper Sands arrived in Singapore from Nottingham and established two Boy Scout troops in Singapore for the children of the British colonists. From there, the movement spread to other parts of the Straits Settlements and what were to become the states of Malaysia. Sands spent the next 40 years helping to create Scouting in the region, and is often called the "Father of Malayan Scouting".
In 1974, Datuk Syed Hashim bin Abdullah was awarded the Bronze Wolf, the only distinction of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, awarded by the World Scout Committee for exceptional services to world Scouting. Other recipients include Tan Sri Kamarul Ariffin bin Mohd Yassin in 1983.

Founding of Scouting in the States of Malaysia
The founding of Scouts movements in the states of Malaysia were, by date and founder

  • 1913 - Sabah, by Reverend Thomas Cecil Alexander in Sandakan
  • 1915 - Penang, by H. R. Cheeseman of the Penang Free School
  • 1915 - Sarawak, by Reverend Thomas Cecil Alexander in Kuching (active only from 1930 onwards). [2]
  • 1922 - Kedah, by E.C. Hicks, E.A.G. Stuart, R.P.S. Walker and C.W. Bloomfield
  • 1926 - Perak, by L.R. Wheeler at Malay College Kuala Kangsar
  • 1926 - Melaka, by R. Brunstone in Malacca
  • 1926 - Negeri Sembilan, by R. Brunstone, Bird and Roger Smith
  • 1926 - Selangor, by Ameen Akbar
  • 1927 - Terengganu, by A.J. Gracle
  • 1927 - Kelantan, by Y.M. Tengku Ahmad Temenggong
  • 1928 - Johor, by H.R. Cheeseman in the English College (now Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar).
  • 1931 - Perlis, by Bird and Roger Smith
  • Pahang, by G.M. Laidlow in Pekan, restored in 1927 by H.P. Hertslet


  • Pengakap kanak-kanak (Cub Scout/Bee Scout) between 10 to 12 years. Motto: "DO YOUR BEST", official color: Yellow.
  • Pengakap Muda (Junior Scout) between 13 to 15.5 years. Motto: "BE PREPARED", official color: Green.
  • Pengakap Remaja (Senior Scout) between 15.5 to 17.5 years. Motto: "LOOK WIDE", official color: Red.
  • Pengakap Kelana (Rover Scout) adults who still practise scouting. Motto: "SERVICE".
  • Kumpulan Latihan Kelanasiswa Malaysia, KLKM (Malaysian University Rover Training Group) and Kumpulan Latihan Malaysia, KLM (Malaysian Training Group) are rover scout groups from higher educational institutions and colleges.

A Junior Scout's uniform consists of a short-sleeve (girls wear long sleeves) grey shirt, with two pockets with buttons on the left and right breast, the official neckerchief, the forage cap, navy-blue pants, the official bronze belt, navy-blue socks and black canvas shoes with laces. A miniature Malaysian flag is stitched on the right breast pocket and the Tenderfoot badge stitched on the left one. The neckerchief, with red, white and blue stripes, is worn about the collar, fastened with the official woggle. The forage cap has a badge with the Malaysian Scout emblem on one side.
On the left sleeve are one's patrol's name and merit badges. On the right sleeve is one's state, district, and troop number. The advancement badge is sewn below the troop number when a Junior Scout earns it. Depending on a Junior Scout's rank and/or badges, he/she may be allowed to wear a lanyard.
A Senior Scout's uniform is the same as the Junior Scout's except for the position of badges. The King's Scout badge is worn on the left sleeve, five centimetres below the patrol badge. On the left sleeve is one's patrol's name, and one's advancement badges. The Senior Scout's have up to five advancement badges. Once taken, the Senior Scout will go on to become a King's Scout. The King's Scout badge is worn five centimeters below the patrol badge in place of all five Senior Badges.
A Leader's (Rovers/Scoutmasters) uniform is the same as the Junior Scouts with the exception of the badges sewn and the epaulets worn. Rovers wear red epaulets while Assistant Scoutmasters through the Chief Scout wear blue epaulets bearing different symbols. A Rover Crew may make its own Crew emblem and the one can sew it on the right sleeve below the Crew Letter. The advancement badges for Rovers are worn on the left breast, below the Rover badge, while the miniature King's Scout Badge is worn on the left sleeve.
Colours of epaulette:

  • Red - rover scouts
  • Blue - commissioners
  • Purple - trainers
  • Green - council officers
  • Yellow - patrons
The Scout Promise is:
Bahawa dengan sesungguhnya saya berjanji dan bersetia, yang saya dengan seberapa daya upaya, saya akan:

  • taat kepada Tuhan, Raja dan Negara
  • menolong orang pada setiap masa
  • menurut undang-undang pengakap
(translated from Malay):
On my honour I promise that I will do my best,

  • to do my duty to God, King and country
  • to help others at all times
  • to obey the Scout laws

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PostSubject: Re: Malaysian Scouting (Asia)   Wed 04 Feb 2009, 19:07

Cool, i really like you're language :O
Our uniform is not than prepared as yours.
Wich days you meet? (I don't know if i said it good, i think no lol)
What do you do in the meetings?
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Malaysian Scouting (Asia)
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